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Just adding ash blonde in between her grown out foilyage/balayage hair can make a huge beautiful different.
Ash blonde on "virgin" asian hair in one 7 hours session. It doesn't happen on everyone, for sure.
It was a pleasure to beautify this famous instagram foodie, with 10+ k followers. She's right here, in Houston TX.

Check her out @eatwithcatherine
This hair transformation turns out like butter! ❤️
My friend Nancy. Check out her newly opened seafood restaurant guys. @emsseafoodkitchen
She saids, her hair never lifted that light without exposing a lot of 🍊 before.
I asked, how long did it take the last time you did your blonding? She told me 2-3 hours.
Uhmm.... yeah that's the reason why.
These type of blonding job will required time, skills, and products.
Cutting corners will only result in a waste of time and money.
Just enough for depth and movement.
Caramel beauty, nice and easy.
It's time to hit the "light" switch!
Had the pleasure to transformed Li, owner of @teapressobarhtx . She was so nice to bring me a drink, must admit it tasted very good.
Looking for a hair blonding specialist?
Looking for a hair blonding specialist?
6 hours job from dark to blonde. Lifting through dark hard is always a very unpredictable process. Some hair will lift clean, some will just get stuck around orange brassy tones. No hair is identical to one another. It's our identity. Expect the unexpected and embrace it.
When the hair lifted too beautiful, toners are not needed. Super organic blonde.
Never thought green hair will look this cool. Happy birthday buddy. 😎🎂

4 hours job. Lifting from natural medium brown to blonde using guytang magnum 8 lightener, and green Pravana direct dyes.
She said... Johnny, why does my hair always turn out super orange brassy with my past stylist?
I said.... ok no worries, just sit back and relax. I got you!
Not summer yet, but it's never too soon to go lighter.

Text my number 832-860-6584 to book an appointment for next week!
I don't do these type of coloring often. When i do, it needs to come out 👌 good.

It was a 6 hours job. First we lifted through those natural dark brown hair with millions of foils, without breaking her old bleached ends. Wash, tone, and Olaplex treated the hair for coloring. With these type of vibrant colors, you can never go wrong with Guy Tang Mydentity color, it's one of the best color line in the market. One of my go to, when it comes to vibrant exotic tones.
Ash blonde, almost seems like it's a dark hair clients best friend and number one option. The reason for this is because dark hair naturally contains a lot of red and orange supporting undertones. When the balance of pigments that are responsible for the dark brown color are disturbed, undertones will slowly appear. Because red and orange color are so dominant, it just not the pleasing color that our eyes want to see.
100% virgin hair wanted steel ashy blue. Normally virgin hair will lift quit fast, but it took us almost 6 hours to get the job done just in one session. To gloss the hair with this color/tone, hair needs to be super blonde and tone to pale or white blonde before the initial toning.
Ash brown it is. Sometimes just beautify what you already have will bring a fresh look without having to do much.

I pre-toned, root Shadow, and a color melt using Guy Tang #mydentity demi colors. Gave her a fresh cut and style. 5 hours of work, but super healthy and light on the hair.
Men's hair is what I started out doing, before everything else.
When you want to seamlessly blend them gray hair, micro lights is the way to go.

She's a client of mine, haven't seen her for a while. She volunteered to be a hair model. Guess what.... She didn't like her cut and color after. So, we did micro foils highlights everywhere for super natural blended highlights without stripes or hotspots, tone it to silver for gray blending, gave her a balance semi A-line bob. Lulu is a happy camper now, thanks LuLu!
It's truly a blessing when a brand new client reach out to me with complete trust to rescued and color corrected her hair. She had a bad hair experience with one of the biggest name of hair salon in Houston. Not only did her color didn't came out right, half of her hair 🔥 off.

It's a 6 hours color correction with many success. Thanks to the help of #olaplex we strengthen her hair back a great deal. I carefully foiliyage throughout her head, watch and check every single foils to make sure nothing gets over process. Once all foils are perfectly light enough, I than wash and apply Olaplex #2. Comb her hair out and did a root Shadow, also toning using #shadeseq while Olaplex #2 is working it magic. Since the last stylist gave her so much short layers at the crown, we decided to go with the semi stack bob to blend them in without cutting too much off.

What more rewarding than to witnessed a client like this walking away with a big smile and uplifted spirit. Tracey, thanks for everything.😊
She's always been a black hair girl, and now she wanted to change it up for a newer look. Well, right before this happened, unfortunately she went through a hair horror experience that she'll never forget. I really wish that she can express her little hair horror experience right before the initial appointment with me. Just for educational purposes.

It's always smart to understand the type of hair service you are seeking. Understand the true process, skills, and costs of it. For these type of look, lack of knowledge and skills will always ended up a major color correction or some serious damages.

We did all over teasing foiliyage. Olaplex treated her hair. Tone down all of her orangy under processed balayage highlights from previous hair job. Glazed her new foiliyage highlights with a beautiful mutted #shadeseq 8n and a root stretch/blending. Finish everything with a quick fresh cut and my signature curls. 6 hours process all together.
Re-balayage to add more pop and blending to her old balayage. Super in love with the red beige toner, its perfect for the winter season.
#balayage all day everyday!
With 3 inches of root and expired light brown color. We went ahead balayage in gray highlights to blend everything together with a cool ashy look. The whole process took us about 4 hours.
Pushing up her old foilyage hair. Giving it more pop by lifting the old blonde a few level higher. MOST OF THE TIME, foilyage technique can give clients blonde from dark in just one long session.
She been box dying her hair dark brown for a long time. This muted caramel balayage really adds dimensions and movements to her look.
Brand new client, and it’s her wedding coming.

We did a root cover up and add beautiful warm balayage.
Holiday sales is up for 2018!
Color melting is a very important final touch to every blonding job. Not only it will create seamless transition between the blond hair and natural root, it will also extend the look much longer.

Photo by: Tony Truong

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