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Recent social media posts by Rebecca Barton Beauty ❤️❤️See you guys next week!!! ❤️❤️ -
Lira Clinical DM or text for more info!
At my studio for the first time in what feels like weeks.

(really like 10 days)

It’s a weird feeling, I just moved all of these things in here and now I’m boxing up product to take home to sell.

Things look bleak for small business owners right now, I have no idea when I’ll be able to come back to work, no income and no unemployment. Of they joys of working for yourself. :)

If you’d like to help small business owners like myself here are some things you can do.
•Buy Gift Certificates or Pre Pay for services. (I’m doing this through Cash App, Venmo or Apple Pay)
•Buy Product! $60 and over gets free shipping! (I’m happy to ship or deliver by door drop)
•Reschedule your appointment instead of cancelling. (honestly this helps us maintain sanity and see the light at the end of the tunnel)
•Bring us Some Attention! Feel free to share your good experiences on your local Facebook group, Next Door, Google and to your friends while you’re having a Zoom Happy Hour!

I want to thank you all for hanging in there with me and supporting me during this time where we don’t exactly know what will happen tomorrow or next week.
This is a devastating change for all small business owners as well as my family and myself. I appreciate every single one of you. :)
@ Houston Heights, Texas 🌈Update 🌈 - April Closure for Surgery -
The best kind of text from a client. You should check the website out too. :) #skinwitch #bamf #masterofdistraction #localesthetician #htxforever ❤️🌹🌈☀️ FINALLY!! ☀️🌈🌹❤️ - 🥳 New Year New Location! 🥰 -
Cancellation Alert!! This Saturday 10! Facial. Waxing. Lash Lift. #opening #cancellation #houstonspa #houstonfacial #facial #waxing #houstonbrows #eyebrows #brows #lashes #lashlift #houstonlashes #houstonlashlift #lashlifting #microblading #houstonmicroblading #spa #houstonspa 🎁 The Holidays are Here 🎁 - 🍗 Are you ready for Family Pictures?! 🍗 -
Tina Davies Sunset collection is about to launch! I’m so excited and I know the PERFECT CLIENT (cough cough Shelby @vulgardisplayofaffection ) Her pigments are the best quality so I’m super excited to get my mitts on these beautiful warm colors! #yestinadavies #healediloveink #tinadaviesprofessional #iloveink #microbladinghouston #bestofthebest
It’s officially PUMPKIN PEEL SEASON!!! This peel is DIFFERENT!! Uniquely formulated pumpkin enzymes are infused with retinol while super-rich pomegranate and mango antioxidants fight free radical invasion. This anti-aging, hydrating and acne fighting peel has no downtime and is perfect for almost everyone!
I can’t color balance, it’s not my gift. My gift is skin. Enter the Mod Vellum Nano, an infusion of custom tailored serums plus tissue stimulation. Instant results that only get better with cumulative treatments. A series of 3-6 is recommended, this client has received one treatment. @ Houston, Texas ⭐️🥰This Sunday Open to Booking❤️⭐️ - ⭐️Appointments Available⭐️ -
Blue eyes and Brown hair has ALWAYS been a favorite of mine. I’m just not #blessed enough to have received them. ❤️ This ones for YOU ❤️ -
Happy Birthday to my amazing Elliott Atlas. I’m so glad I’m your mom! #elliottatlas #thisis4 #wheredmybabygo
Mid Lash Lift. My client asked me to take a picture so she could see what the process looked like. It’s pretty cool, the lashes are isolated on a silicone rod with a keratin infused glue, then the lash lift solution and fix are applied. After everything is done you have beautifully curled and tinted lashes that can last 2-3 months! I’m kind of obsessed with this!
Stolen but applicable none the less. #mercuryretrograde #mercury #planets #witchysh*t #astrology #stars
I’m over here learning patience at the Pappasito’s to go counter. Also trying to not just make my own guacamole while I wait. So tempting. #guacamole #papasitos #fajitas #patience #waiting #togo #cantina
That FLUSH!! ❤️🔥💆🏻‍♀️✨💫🌟🌡The Rouge Peel increases circulation and promotes cell turnover rate with Niacin, a vital ingredient for age management. It also Brightens, Smooths, Hydrates and Firms skin while Promoting Healing.
She literally asked for “Arabian Princess Brows” ❤️❤️❤️ #microblading #houston
This was a Corrective Brow on an amazing girl with Trich. There was a little bit of the old Microblading that poked out here and there, but the results turned out amazingly!!
Mod Vellums’s Day & Night and Nighttime are BACK IN STOCK! My two most popular moisturizers, get them while you can!
Appointments are still available the week of July 4th! 🤪What’s going on with The Heights -
You’re in for a treat. Today I’m burning Sacred Ceremony Because the Night. Because the Night conjures up images of images of intimate conversations, easy relationships, the possibility of the future, the feel of love. Because the Night belongs to us. @ Houston, Texas Last days to get in for the West U Location -
#thicc #brows #eyebrows #magic ❤️The Big Heights Move❤️ -
Microbladed Brows that look so natural they’re SUPERNATURAL! @ Houston, Texas
I’ve opened up my books This next Wednesday & Thursday!!!! These days were previously blocked out to all times are available!! Get them while they last!!! #openings #openingsavailable #htx #houstonfacials #houstonmicroblading #houston #houstonspa #spa #westu #southsideplace #houstonbeauty #beauty #snapchat👻
Ladies and gentlemen. #elliottatlas

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