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[04/05/20]   From our Neopel Products family: Blessings to all! Under the current situation Neopel Products is complying with CDC regulations. Since we're a home bound product/company were still available Monday-Sunday for shipping. Please visit our website for product information. Wishing good health to all. God is taking care of us all in this time of need.
[06/09/19]   Heeeeellllllloooo Summer! Yes it's here! Time for you to start using your Neopel products religiously. Our shampoo has a combination of deep cleansing herbs along with hair loss prevention properties! We are more active during the summer, so the scalp has a tendency to produce more oil. To keep your scalp clean and prevent odor, it is best to shampoo at least every 2 days in the summer to keep the hair follicles from clogging.
Remember to always apply conditioner before getting into any waters with chlorine. This will prevent major tangling and provide a shield against the damaging chlorine in the water. Also, apply conditioner after being in the pool to help detangle and close the cuticle of the hair.
These habits will be essential in maintaining healthy, vibrant hair during the harsh summer months.
It is also essential to start using your Neocream! Keep your skin hydrated and moisturized to prevent sun damage. See our "Did You Know" and our new feature "In My Opinion" for more information.
As always "Treat your hair well!"
Neopel Products You can now leave comments on the Neopel website on how great the products are working for you. We welcome pictures too (PG only) lol!

If you approve, let us know and we may use your picture on the website! Neopel shampoo and conditioner hair products made from 87 natural herbal extracts. Neopel treats your hair well. See more at Neopel Products Now that our whirlwind holiday season is over ... Happy New Year to all of our clientele and friends!

With all of our New Year's Resolutions of taking better care of ourselves ... DON'T FORGET YOUR HAIR! 💆‍♀️💁‍♀️💇‍♀️💇‍♂️💆‍♂️

Our Neopel products need very little introduction. We are known worldwide for the benefits of what our products can do for you!

Our Neopel products need very little introduction. We are known worldwide for the benefits of what our products can do for you!

Visit our website for the latest information!
Give us a "share" and a "like"!
As always we appreciate our clients, TREAT YOUR HAIR WELL!
Neopel Products Neopel Products Visit the website to check out the new section that was posted!
We are always researching and looking for the latest information, that's why we created a new page to help keep you up to date too!
We added a page for scalp and hair care. Read all about it!
We are excited to share what we are learning!
As always treat your hair well and contact us for any questions or orders!!💆‍♀️💇‍♂️💇‍♀️
[09/07/18]   Hola everyone! During my "hair research" here are a few facts: The scalp is the foundation of healthy hair. One needs to start with a " gentle but firm" scrubbing to unclog the scalp of buildup. This also helps stimulate nourishing blood circulation to the hair follicles. Our Neopel Shampoo is a formulated, cleansing, product that triggers dandruff, itching, thinning hair. Come by the Salon, or schedule an appointment for a FREE consultation! Neopel Treat Your Hair Well!
[07/01/18]   To all of Neopel Products, Salon Clients...We appreciate your loyalty, business, and friendship!!!!
[06/29/18]   Its finally here!!! Our newest addition to our Neopel Product line..Herbal Neocream! At the affordable price of $25 for a 2 oz. jar, our formulation of Blue Tansy, Aloe Vera, Coconut and Almond Oil to list a few; you'll be pleasantly amazed how our cream will replenish, restore, and smooth fine lines! Place your order by contacting me or come by the Salon!!! As always....we appreciate our customers!
[04/08/18]   Website has been updated!!
We have new pictures of all the products including the newest Neocream!
Go take a look and don't forget to check out the 'Did you know..' for the month.
As always ... we appreciate our customer!
Don't forget to like and share the page so your friends can become our friends! 😀
Neopel Products's cover photo
Neopel Products's cover photo
[01/22/18]   Good morning everyone!!!! It's a beautiful day! Thrilled, excited, ecstatic, to introduce our new Neopel NeoCream to our line of Products! When you have an opportunity go to our website, read all about it and give us a call. We still have at least 2 more months of Winter where our body requires moisturizing. Neopel appreciates all our customers! Remember our motto: Treat Your Hair Well!
[12/27/17]   Neope products hopes that everyone had a great Christmas, now on to the New Year! We look forward to Continue serving all our loyal customers with our line of Herbal Products! Happy New Year!
[09/10/17]   Remember to start your shopping list to include Neopel products for your friends and family. Check out our awesome specials on
[09/10/17]   We are very excited to report that in the last several months we have been getting positive results from some of our cancer patients. Even though the treatment they are getting is causing them to lose their hair, the repetitive use of Neopel products is resulting in helping their scalp stay moisturized. The conditioner softens the skin and the spray treatment is an added boost to help with the new growth. We are happy to be a part of their recovery!
[08/27/17]   Prayers to ALL our customers in Sugar land, Houston, Rockport, and all other areas. Our prayers are with you.
[07/30/17]   Don't forget to visit our website. We update valuable information once a month (unless life gets in the way, lol)! New profile pic of Arty of hair guru at his best, formulating his batch of Neopel Shampoo! Give him some likes and shares!
As always, thank you to our loyal customers and all our new ones that have come onboard!
Neopel Products
Neopel Products's cover photo
[02/22/17]   New batch of Neopel Products are ready and waiting to help you maintain a great head of hair!!! If you need a consultation I'm here to ease your mind! Thanks to all our faithful Neopel clients!!!
[02/15/17]   Hello out there to all my faithful followers, customers, and potential new ones! Just made a new batch of Neopel Products!!! If your having issues with dry scalp/itchiness, hair loss, give me a call!! Best shampoo out in the market with great results!!! "Neopel, Treat Your Hair Well"!
Neopel Product Line Neopel Product Line
Neopel Products
Neopel Products's cover photo
[02/04/16]   Check out the Neopel Products website update. Neopel Products Neopel Products is having a month long end of summer sale. Don't miss it. Go to for all the details. Neopel San Antonio Shampoo, Conditioner are made from all natural ingredients. These products are formulated to thicken hair and even stimulate some growth. Arty Escobar developed the formula which is made exclusively in San Antonio, Texas.
Neopel Products Neopel Products will be having a half-price conditioner sale coming soon. With summer and swimming season upon us, we want to make sure you keep your hair in good condition. So, we'll be offering our conditioners at 50% discount when you visit our website. Just click here and go to the online store. Go to and stock up today. Neopel San Antonio Shampoo, Conditioner are made from all natural ingredients. These products are formulated to thicken hair and even stimulate some growth. Arty Escobar developed the formula which is made exclusively in San Antonio, Texas.
[06/17/14]   Now you can buy Neopel Products right here on Facebook. Just click the Products tab above, take a look at the shampoo and conditioner, click which bottles you want and then check out.
[06/02/14]   Neopel Products will be a featured product in the upcoming Blazing Gavels Great TV Auction starting nightly at 7pm, June 11-21 on KLRN! Neopel will be one of the products people will receive in the thank you goodie bag being put together by KLRN. Look for Neopel on KLRN and thanks for supporting public TV.
Finally received our official Go Texan packet. We're excited to be recognized by the State of Texas as being "Made in Texas." We've posted the icon on our website and will be updating our product labels soon. Neopel and Go Texan!
[04/15/14]   Neopel Products just received our official Go Texan approval from the State of Texas. We're proud to join the hundreds of other Texas made products. Go Texan!

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